Your creativity—our space.

Our Modern Maker studio space is your studio space. Bring your creativity, supplies and tools (or use some of ours), and spread your wings! Flip through our patterns and books for inspiration. Drape on our dress forms. Press your yardage on our pressing station, and cut your fabric without fear on our extra long cutting tables. Design your quilt on our vision board, and pin up your swatches just to sigh with content.



Sewing: 4-thread serger, mechanical and computerized sewing machines, cutting boards, cutting mats, rotary cutters, scissors, thread, tracing paper and interfacing. Indie patterns, European sewing magazines and Japanese sewing books. Universal, top stitching, microtex and jersey needles.

Knitting: straight and circular needles (US size 0-35); swift and ball winder, patterns and books, gauge measurers,



Monday & Thursday
12pm-8pm: $10/hour

By Appointment
(You pick the day and time, in 2 hours increments) $15/hour