If you build it...

Will they come? That was our big question before we opened Modern Yarn, and that remains our big question now, 14 years later (yikes—14 years!).

Since the store closed, we’ve often reminisced that the thing we missed most was our community of fellow creative knitters. Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow recreate that?

But 14 years is a long time, and as time passes, so do our interests and strengths. Yeah, we both still knit, and at least for me, it’s the one thing I go back to night after night to finish off my day. A few years ago, sewing reared its head and started clamoring for more time. After a few years of trying to “make it work” through a combination of dining room tables, basement floors and foldaway chairs, we both realized we just needed the appropriate space to spread out. And we figured others do too.

Thus the studio was born. And we want to share it. Because we, as women, are good at this stuff and it deserves its own space.

a studio in the making

a studio in the making