Kristen Carlberg & Paige Sato

People! We’ve teamed up in our Post Modern Yarn lives to offer you Modern Maker—a studio space to spark your creativity!

Kristen Carlberg (pictured right) graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991 where she majored in jewelry and light metals. She worked for many years for Ten Thousand Things, had children, opened a yarn shop in Montclair with Paige, five years later sold the store, created a jewelry line sold at both O Soleil and Dot Reeder. A few years ago, Kristen and Paige started sewing together and a new passion was born! Our studio will encompass all our passions and interests and hopefully yours too!

Paige Sato (pictured left) has been knitting since her college days, In 2005, she and Kristen opened Modern Yarn, propelling her on a creative entrepreneurial journey. After selling the shop in 2010, she stuck around the yarn world in other capacities for a bit, and in 2015 took a sewing class with Kristen on a lark. That one class inspired a whole new enthusiasm for ‘making’ and learning, and the desire to bring a new type of makers’ studio to life. Thus Modern Maker.